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Bob Bullock knows what it takes to compete in today’s ever changing market and brings years of creative and technical expertise to every recording session. He possesses a unique understanding and sensitivity when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere for an artist or musician, helping them to reach their highest potential. Whether he’s working with today’s hottest acts, independent artists on the rise or the young, developing artists of tomorrow his attention to the needs of the client, combined with his ability to combine the different colors of musical instruments and equipment, make Bob Bullock one of the industry's top producer/engineers. READ MORE:::>

LATEST NEWS.... Join us on Facebook for info regarding  Current and Recent projects involving tracking, overdubs and mixing. Stay tuned.   AUDIO SAMPLES.... Why does a great mix matter? Find out here. Listen to before and after versions of the same recording and decide for yourself.
BIOGRAPHY.... Bob's been at this awhile and has worked with many of the industry's greatest artists and producers. Read it...you'll like it.   PHOTOS.... Shots from various sessions and projects. This could be YOU.
DISCOGRAPHY.... A complete listing of the long line of hits with which Bob has been involved.   VIDEOS.... Interviews, tutorials and insights. See them all here.

CONTACT INFO.... E-mail Bob regarding your project. Also use PayPal to pay Bob direct! Save a stamp...save a TREE!

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